Creativity & Expression & Impression
Various Media & Diverse Genres

ATENTS is a company that offers the best quality illustration, concept art, and 3D arts, serving as an incubator of entertainment and advertisement industry, progressing into game developing with it's private label product.ATENTS holds partnership with not only Korean clients, but also global clients such as China, Japan, India, US and more, expanding its way worldwide. ATENTS's greatest pride is its power of creativity and , and its goal is to develop as a company which can draw out worthwhile values and inspiration through creating something fun and entertaining.

Design is becoming a necessity to maximize the visual effect in industries such as Entertainment and Media. ATENTS has wide experience in Game, Movies, Documentary Television, Animation, Smartphone Contents, and Advertisement, and is currently in progress various projects on Science Fiction, Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. We offer services on illustration, concept art, 3D modeling, storyboards, and graphic art with the promise of prompt business process, stable customer support, and strict quality management with a competitive price and top quality service. Also ATENTS offers creative advisory service for art style and aesthetic decisions. ATENTS, with their creative artists, creates the best image appealing to diverse target, gender, and age

Game/Animation Illustration

Game/Animation Concept Art

Game/Animation Storyboards

Game/Animation 3D Modeling


Creative Consultation



2014 - 2015


2016 ~

2015~  Mobile Game PROJECT ( DOA ) is in development

.01  Arranged a collaboration contract with Play4Games inc.

.08  Arranged a collaboration contract with Softbigbang inc.

.08  R&D center establishment in ATENTS

.07  Incorporation transition complete.

.07  Out sourced the concept design of NCsoft “Blade and soul TCG”

.07  Collaboration with in Applibot in designs. (Gang road )

.03  Full production of 3D Animation “Yeoneomori”

.03  (Circle of Life) with Gangwon province,Korea

.02  Out sourced the concept design of NCsoft “Blade and soul

.01  ATENTS’s Independent movie “ Power Gloves “ is in development.

.01  Accredited to Venture Business

.01  Co-production of the mobile game “ KongKong “ with Cricon inc.


​.07  Out sourced the concept design of the mobile game “ Bow ” of 4:33 inc.

.07  Out sourced the concept design of Actoz soft inc.

.07  Game graphic development with “FantasyAge" China TCG Game

.04  (korea’s biggest educational broadcasting station)

        Out sourced the concept design of “The adventure of Gangsan”

.04  ,an animation with Ministry of Environment.

.03  Out sourced the concept design of “ Archeage” with XL Games

.02  Annual contract with and collaboration with “ Civilaization and Human“ inc.


​.08  Foundation of ATENTS

.08  Collaboration in Designing ThemePark with Henan(china) Enjoy Digital.




Game/Animation Graphics Design Studio

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